A picture says more than a thousand words


Team photos

You would like to present your team on your website? We'll craft professional portrait & group shots for you. In addition, we're happy to snap you in-action.

Places & Interiors

We'll present your business, shop or other location in the proper light. Hereby we utilize various modern methods for an optimal display.

  • Areal shots
  • 360° Photos
  • Panoramic images
  • Wide angle interior imagery

We'll also happily include these in your google business profile.


You've got news from your work routine that you would like to share with your customers in a blog, or you're in need of high quality images for a roll-up for an upcoming fair? Whether digital or print - thanks to our high-resolution professional cameras, large formats are no big deal.


We're more than happy to document your event or activity for you as well. Our expert eye will reliably record the most important moments in beautiful shots.

You would like to arrange a photo-appoinment or need more info?

Get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

Can I get raw photo data from you?

We deliver edited photos in full resolution. We do not supply raw data, since we believe that the editing is a crucial part of the creative process of the photographer. In case you're not happy with one of the results, don't hesitate to get back to us about a re-edit.

What do I need to prepare in advance?

If you're doing a team-shooting, don't forget to notify all participants in advance. That way, you can expect that everybody is physically and mentally ready to have their picture taken. Depending on scale, we would also welcome a list of scenes/locations. These should be tidied up in advance, and also objects which are not supposed to be in frame should be removed as far as possible.

Where do you operate as photographers?

Our area of operations is typically the city of Tübingen, the Zollernalbkreis and the neighbouring districts. In case you have a larger task for us, we're happy to travel to your location. Please contact us for details.

How long does a shooting take?

We estimate about 10 to 20 minutes per person for single portrait shots. Group shots require about 10 minutes per group. Set up of, lights, tripods and preparation of the scene are not included in these estimations. So, remember to reserve enough time for us.

Which time of day is ideal for a shooting?

Exterior shots in the midday-sun cause us to squint our eyes. Therefore, we recommend the early morning or late afternoon for these kinds of shootings. For interior shots, the time of day is mostly irrelevant, since we are equipped with the necessary artificial lighting.

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