Reset Menu Ordering Column 0.0.2

This simple little component will fix a bug stemming from Migrations from
Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 using redMigrator, jUpgrade or J2XML.

All three of these migrating scripts use the column "ordering" in table "_menu"
from Joomla 1.5 and fill it with numbers. But, Joomla 2.5 uses the columns
"lgt" and "rgt" for ordering of the menu items.

This creates problems - like, when you update Joomla 2.5 or use the
Reset Button in Menu Items, it will restore the order dictated by these numbers
in the column "ordering", rather then by columns "lgt" and "rgt".

Joomla 2.5 does not by default empty the "ordering" column, it simply seems to ignore it.

Our little component will simply reset the "ordering" column to zero - which it should be,
so Joomla 2.5 can reorder permanently. After installation, reorder your menu items
the way you need them, and for testing, hit the Reset button - you will see that the
settings stick. Now you can unsinstall our component.



zipcom_resetmenuordercolumn-0.0.2.zip42.74 KB19/09/2014, 11:52



R3D Floater for Joomla 2.5 and 3.2

NEW Version: 3.2.0 for Joomla 3.2
DOM Scripting - no conflicts with jQuery or MooTools
You can float in ANY other module from the left browser edge to the right -
as far as you wish...

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NOTE: these instructions will most likely NOT work with a commercial Framework template! Read the last paragraph on "Framework Templates" first.

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pdfR3D Floater for Joomla 1.5.x

Stable Version

 - NEW Function: "Once per Day" and "Once per Session"

 - Bug fixes: Opacity IE & closing DIV missing

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