R3D Floater Module

Version 2.5.0 for Joomla 2.5x - Based on DOM Scripting.
You can float in ANY other module from the left browser edge to the right as far as you wish... See it in action: visit www.r3d.de.


Please follow all steps below - get it working first - and then start playing with the settings and positions ;).
Open this readme.html in a separate browser window for convenience.
  1. Install the module using the Joomla Extension Manager.

  2. At first, we need to edit some template files (make sure you BACKUP and edit the template files in use!).
    Using an Editor of your choice, open /templates/my-template-in-use/templateDetails.xml and ADD two new template positions called floatercontent and floatercontainer, using the following code inbetween the positions tags (copy & paste the two bold lines below):

  3. Place the floatercontainer position inside your template at the end (right before the body end tag)
    of your /templates/my-template-in-use/index.php, using the following code:
    <jdoc:include type="modules" name="floatercontainer" style="xhtml" />
  4. Now we need to go back to the Joomla Backend. Go to Extensions -> Module Manager and create a new module of your choice at the 'floatercontent' position.
    Example: Click New, select 'Custom HTML' and enter following settings: To float in ANY other module (like Newsflash etc.) just publish it at the floatercontent position.

  5. Now open the R3D Floater module and edit to the following lines: